Is Japan difficult to do business in?

In recent years, the number of foreigners who come to Japan and engage in management is increasing. However, can Japan be called a country where it is easy for foreigners to do business? The answer is NO. The ease of starting a business and raising funds in Japan ranks 80th (out of 190 countries) in the world and the lowest among OECD countries. If you can’t read and write Japanese, you can’t access correct information. As a result, foreigners have a disgraceful image of Japan as a “difficult country to do business in.

Support business for foreigners

We will create the best business environment for entrepreneurs around the world from this global city “TOKYO”. In recent years, the issuance of start-up visas and the loan system for foreigners have finally started. On the other hand, private sector support has been largely absent. By improving the business environment for such foreigners, we would like to bring new diversity to Japan and create a more affluent society. And I want to make Tokyo the best place for entrepreneurs in the world and make it a place called “the second Silicon Valley”.

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